This interdisciplinary meeting aims at bringing together specialists coming from different fields who are interested in complex phenomena taking place in social systems.

Special emphasis will be put on the interplay between data and models.

The meeting is co-organized by the  Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Modélisation (LPTM-CNRS-UCP)  and the Centre d’Analyse et de Mathématique Sociales (CAMS-CNRS-EHESS), and is an event of HumanICT  (http://humanict.csregistry.org/), a thematic network of the Réseau National des Systèmes Complexes (RNSC).

 The workshop will be held at Cergy-Pontoise University, site de St. Martin 2,  on June   27-28th  2013

Organising committee:  Christian Borghesi and Laura Hernández, (LPTM-UCP), Jean-Pierre Nadal, (CAMS-EHESS)

Supporting organisations : CNRS, Labex MME-DII, Réseau National des Systèmes Complexes (RNSC), Institut d’Etudes Avancées (IEA-UCP)

Administration:  LPTM

Diffusion: UCP and Institut des Systèmes Complexes Paris Ile de France (ISC-PIF)